The Ambush Party

In the last few years a new generation of improvisers have made their mark on Amsterdam venues. The Ambush Party, formed in 2006, is at the forefront of this lively international scene.
The group developed its sound in experimental venues like Zaal 100 and Boog 29, but is now also appearing on such renowned stages as Bimhuis and Paradiso.
Unlike more traditional jazz quartets, all the musicians in this band play an equal role. Personal styles and sound inform the improvisations, which balance precariously between individuality and teamwork. The strategic piano playing of Hoogland finds a counterpoint in Sued’s serene sax melodies. Austbo’s lyrical cello parries the playful percussion of Baggiani.
Long and intensive playing has resulted in a mastery of various aspects of improvised music - refined sound experiments, instant composition, searing free jazz. And to everyone’s surprise, a composition will sometimes raise its head.
de Platenbakkrij | The Ambush Party
de Platenbakkerij PB 000, 2010
Sued, Hoogland, Austbø, Baggiani

Natalio Sued - tenor saxOscar Jan Hoogland - piano
Harald Austbø
 - cello
Marcos Baggiani
 - drums