Valentín Garvie Quintet

I know Valentín from old times in Buenos Aires.
He moved to Frankfurt after studding in London and immediately found a place in Ensemble Modern, one of the most well known ensembles in Europe.
We eventually played in Argentina some times, tried to put a band together there but it was very hard to bridge the gap between continents. Since 2012 he invited me to joint his group in Frankfurt.
The band is made up of the following musicians:

VALENTIN GARVIE trumpet, flügelhorn, piccolo trumpet
NATALIO SUED tenor sax
DIETMAR FUHR double bass

It's a pleasure for me to play here. The musicians are amazing. Valentin's compositions are unique. They gather equally elements from popular and academic music in a very natural and organic way.
If you want to have our last CD please go to:

Konnex Music Group

Or contact me trough the e-mail: my name and last name all together